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Oshi is a double-release by Singer-Songwriter Shilpa Natarajan, in English and Tamil. The English version is scheduled to release on May 13th  and the Tamil version, on May 15th, on digital platforms with the Music Videos on youtube. 

A song that talks about Oshi, an Indian Domestic Shorthair who was more than just a feline in Shilpa's life. She was her everything! She passed away in 2019 and it has taken Shilpa quite a while to get around expressing how she felt and continues to feel about her and what an impact she had on her and her life. 

"Recording this song has taken months & a lot of tears. It has been an emotional journey to witness the final output of this song and I'm now very comfortable sharing and baring my emotions to those who listen to my Music and those who might start with Oshi", says Shilpa.  Shilpa's previous release Lockdown was released on digital stores with a DIY Music Video released on Youtube. The two releases are drastically contrasting in their sounds with Lockdown being Pop, with a tinge of Electronic Experimental, and Oshi  being a Pop Ballad. The Tamil version of the song is set to the Ragam Dheera Sankarabharanam and the English version, is on the major scale. While the two versions are very similar, there are some harmony-based elements that differentiates them. The English version of Oshi has an animated video of Oshi, illustrated by Krishnakumar Ramakumar and animated by Richard Sequeira, while the Tamil video is a montage of Oshi, edited by Lyricist & Editor Varuon Thushyanthan from SriLanka. Both the versions have been Produced & Mastered by GD Prasad, while the album art for both the versions have been sketched by Krishnakumar Ramakumar.

Oshiwill is available in all major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Saavn, Songdew and more. 

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