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Haunted is a song with deals with multiple emotions one goes through when abused emotionally, physically, sexually and in any other way that breaks an individual!

'Haunted' has been written by Biggu Chandilya who has collaborated with Shilpa on her debut EP 'Bubblewrap', released in 2017. Shilpa had initially worked on this song as an Instagram release while experimenting with a few vocal layers. She had asked Biggu to work on a verse and the chorus for the IGTV release. After receiving requests for a longer version, Shilpa and Biggu got down to working on the next set of lyrics for the song.

"Violence leaves indelible wounds, which thrive subconsciously and influence every choice one makes; they alter the very ethos of one's identity. This song is about the dark place that our repressed memories reside in. It is a recognition of past traumas, which cripple our present. It is a call to preserve hope and persevere, despite the wounds society has inflicted upon us" - Biggu Chandilya (He currently lives in Prague, finishing his diploma at a film school, while allowing himself to drown in a cocktail of junk food, movies and books).

'Haunted' features live instrumentation of the Guitar by Bruce Lee, Bass Guitar by Reshwin Nishith and Percussions by Hariprasad who recorded in their respective homes. This Lockdown creation has been Mixed by Anjana Rajagopalan.

This is Shilpa Natarajan's single after 'Oshi' a double-release in English and Tamil which talks about her Feline baby. Haunted is set to release on July 3rd through digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Saavn, Amazon Music, Google Music and more, with a Music Video on Youtube, directed by Deepthi Govindarajan.

The Music Video was shot during Lockdown 3.0, where Shilpa experimented with a cat food box and a parchment paper as a light diffuser, guided by Deepthi Govindarajan who directed the 9- layered video via phone calls. Shilpa's husband Arun Mukkath, who was the camera person for her previously released video 'Lockdown', aided Shilpa with this process, as the cinematographer.

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